We provide full financial accounting, including the creation of registers, statements, reports to state institutions and preparation of annual reports. Quick and precise invoice processing, complete data import from client systems, guaranteed confidentiality. Professional liability insurance. Document flow with clients is electronic, so we can serve you wherever you are.


We perform timely and quick salary calculations for small companies, as well as for companies that have several hundred employees. With latest and best technology we provide our clients the best service for the best price - guaranteed. Read mode...


More than 20 years of experience has allowed us to fully understand the legal side of business, and that is why we are able to recommend the best solutions for a successful and sustainable business. We provide company management with precise reports and accounting information, as well as being a reliable partner in negotiations with state institutions.


Document digitalization is a great way of organising your company documents. Converting into an electronic form allows you to work with documents quicker and more efficiently, as well as giving you easy access to them at any time, 24 hours a day.